Anthony J. Garczynski, PLC

Anthony J. Garczynski, PLC is a boutique litigation firm dedicated to providing solid representation and innovative solutions for businesses and individuals throughout the United States and abroad. Founded nearly thirty years ago, our attorneys and staff are experienced in handling the complex problems facing the modern world.

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Personal Representation

We offer legal services to individuals in areas of personal injury litigation, personal wealth succession planning, real property litigation, probate litigation, family planning and litigation and services to provide personal stability under some of the most difficult circumstances.

Good legal services provide immense value–peace of mind that something is done right is priceless.  Let us make this right!

About Us

Foundation.  When I graduated from law school in 1994, the world was a very different place–it was here in the state and federal courtrooms of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Montana, Illinois and South Carolina that I learned my trade.  We rely on that foundation of good work, integrity and innovation, all updated for your future.

Counsel.  Our experience in litigating cases has led us to a unique position–we know where the bodies are buried, where the dangers lie.  Let us help you avoid these issues by allowing us to advise you before your minor headache becomes a company-wide problem.


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